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SCHOOL INTRODUCTION LETTER (İngilizce Okul Tanıtım Yazısı)



Our school, which was opened as Yeni Sistemli Anatolian High School and Secondary School in the 2015-2016 academic year; merged with Egebil Schools and entered into a solution partnership in 2019. Our school, which serves as Primary School, Middle School and Anatolian High School; responds to all kinds of academic needs of our students at the highest level, and also supports sports, arts and cultural development activities while taking an active role in social activities.

Our school was built in a unique location and structure in Izmir as a concept. The school is a single-storey building and is located in the nature in Sahilevleri, in a quiet environment with plenty of oxygen, where palm trees and greenery are integrated. With these features, our school has become one of the rare schools that won the right to receive the White flag and the Barrier-Free school flag.

Our campus is only 3 km away from the city center which accepts students and provides

service support with its convenient location to Narlıdere, Güzelbahçe, Balçova, Hatay, Konak, Karabağlar, Göztepe, Urla locations.

Being a steel construction building, our school is one of the strongest and most reliable buildings in İzmir. The safety of our children and their education in a healthy environment is of paramount importance to us. The school has a campus area of 6480 square meters. There are

administrative units, classrooms, laboratories, library, multi-purpose hall, canteen, conference hall, music and visual arts workshops, dining hall, indoor and outdoor sports hall in our campus area.

Since it is a boutique school, it provides the advantages of providing more special services to parents and students. It has the advantages of one-on-one education, fast communication, counseling for students' special abilities and demands, and meeting their needs in a noise-free environment with a small number of students.

In today's world, where the borders have been lifted and the concept of "people of the world" has come to the fore, classical practices have come to an end in the education sector, as in every sector, especially with the pandemic, and a process of preparation for a new period is being experienced. For this reason, the health of our children is crucial in the changing education system. In this period when the disadvantages of crowded schools started to cause more anxiety, our school continues to be the school of choice with the advantages of creating a very hygienic environment with 12-student classrooms.

Turkish-English co-educational curriculum is applied to our students who start primary school. Apart from academic-culture courses, our 1st grade students receive part-time English and part-time Turkish education. The content of the year-end shows are in English and Turkish. Our students, who receive high-level English education for 4 years in primary school, start to receive second foreign language education in the 4th grade. Our students are offered two alternatives in a second foreign language (German or French).

With the awareness of the place of foreign language in our children's lives, an average of 10 to 12 hours of English, 2 hours of German or French are given depending on the school levels of students. Starting from the 5th grade, German lessons are 4 hours per week. The language levels of the students are measured by the Oxford and Cambridge exams, which are applied around the world and are valid in every country.

Three-day language camps are organized for our primary and secondary school students at the end of each year (3rd week of May) are organized by foreign language teachers at hotels in cities such as Kusadası, Çeşme, Bodrum and Pamukkale. These camps are for educational and holiday purposes. All our foreign language teachers and assigned administrators attend our foreign language camps. The duration of the camp is determined by the foreign language group.

Chess is a compulsory elective course for all students in our school (Primary School, Middle School, Anatolian High School). One hour of chess training per week at all levels is among the courses that our students are most interested in.

Social responsibility projects are among our most important works in which all students are involved. Social responsibility projects aim to raise students' awareness of responsibility, raise responsive people and increase their sharing. Cleaning and care of our school, stray animals, protection and recognition of natural life, support for children in need, visiting elderly care homes, non-governmental organizations, and the municipality of our district are among our social responsibility projects.

Monthly plans are made for our primary and secondary school students to watch the plays staged at Atatürk Cultural Center (Narlıdere) by following the city theaters (according to the stage performances calendar). With the activities organized in the city's natural life parks, museums, the nature walks and bicycle tours, it is aimed to support our children's sports, adaptation to social life, raising them as aware individuals and supporting their cultural accumulation.

Starting from primary school, all teaching processes are planned by taking into account the ages and developmental processes of our children, as well as developing education and teaching techniques. Basic teaching principles and techniques, which are indispensable for our age, and "Academic and Digital" teaching platforms are effectively included in our system.

In our primary school, we plan our education motto as "SCHOOL IS MY PLAYGROUND", keeping in mind the fact that the relevant age group is also a playgroup, and we prepare the school as a "living space" for our students.

Subject deficiencies in the teaching processes of our children, exam studies, subject reinforcement studies and homework are done in our school.

Our children who are at school full time spend their time at home; They use it to relax and spend time with their parents.


Our achievements in sports

*Sailing world championship, first place

*Tennis men's Türkiye championship, first place

*Tennis girls Türkiye championship, first place

*Secondary school boys' volleyball team, ranked second in the province, fourth in Türkiye

*High school girls' volleyball team won the provincial championship

*High school boys' handball team won the first place in the province, third place in Türkiye

*Middle school boys' futsal team won the first place in the district, fourth place in the province

*Secondary school male individual swimming, first place in the province, first place in Turkey, second place in the Balkans

*High school girls individual swimming provincial championship, first place in Türkiye

Our academic achievements

Our university placement rate is over 95%. With the advantages of being a course-based private school with dozens of degrees in Türkiye, the university preparation programs that started in the 11th grade in our Anatolian high school results in achieving high success. Our students do all their work at school, including private lessons, without the need for any outside support.

Our Olympics:

Computer Olympics:

The 2016 National Computer Olympics were held in our school for the first time (high school level) across Turkey, and Turkey's computer champions participated in manual races in our school.

The 2017 International Computer Olympics was held in our school for the first time with the participation of Balkan countries, Russian Republics and Türkiye, and world computer Olympic champions were hosted in our school.

Mathematics-Science Olympics:

It is a special preparation program applied to our students who take the two-stage exams for the Mathematics and Science Olympics in secondary school and pass the threshold. This special

program, which starts in the 5th grade of secondary school, starts with the Tübitak Olympic

experiences. At the high school level, students continue to prepare for the international Olympics.

We are second in the world in high school mathematics olympics, and first in Europe in high school biology olympics in England.

Chess tournaments:

2018 Türkiye Chess Tournaments were held in our school in cooperation with Göztepe Sports Club, and 190 students participated in the tournaments. Chess tournaments, in which students from all over Türkiye participate, are planned to be held every year.

MUN (Model United Nations = Model United Nations):

The 2020 organizations that was going to be held in our school throughout Türkiye have been canceled due to the pandemic. Every year, our foreign language Anatolian high school students attend these organizations in various schools.

YES (Youth Exchange and Study):

Our school hosts YES students who take the written and oral exams every year. These exams are scholarship student admission exams to the USA. These exams, which are held with the participation of students from every province of Turkey, are held once a year.

AFS (student exchange programs):

Our school accepts students from various countries every year in accordance with the agreement made with the Turkish Cultural Foundation, and also sends our students to one-semester or one-year exchange programs with the AFS program.

Our Sibling School Project:

We have a sibling school in Wroclaw, Poland. The name of our sibling school is "Mustafa

Kemal Atatürk High School." In 2018, we visited our sibling school with our Anatolian high school students for the purpose of cultural fusion. There is an Atatürk corner in the school and a corner with Turkish publications in the libraries. At the same time, the city of Wroclaw, where our sibling school is located, and Izmir are sibling cities. While we planned to host our sibling school in the spring of 2020, this visit has been suspended due to the pandemic.

Our Social Responsibility Projects:

The ‘Urfa Sana Küsmesin’ project was carried out in cooperation with the University of Economics and Göztepe Sports Club. Let our brothers not get cold, Let's share what we read, Take care of our beaches, Animals are not property, are the main headings of our projects.

The Founding Director of our school, Meral Güler, has an educational background and is a figure known for her success in İzmir with the private teaching institutions and study centers she has opened since 2003. Her articles in the field of education are published in his own column in Ege Haber (digital press). As an education specialist, she still provides free education counseling to all students and parents in need, in our school and in Izmir.

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